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about us

"IBMAR strives to be the world's most imaginative, resourceful Conference & Training Company, providing focused solutions tailored to individual client needs". With extensive performance expertise, deep industry knowledge, global resources and a proven track record, IBMAR collaborates with clients to deliver operational and strategic solutions.

IBMAR provides the foundation for maximum skill-building and performance improvement no matter how & where it is delivered. Our portfolio contains broad variety of Conferences & Trainings covering all levels and subjects in various industries.

IBMAR has a course development division to customize & create content according to the client requirements. IBMAR exists to help Business Executives learn and apply gained knowledge to their individual situation with high quality trainings & in-house training.

At IBMAR we are dedicated to making a difference for executives and their organizations. Developing great people and great leaders is the key to organizational success.

We offer conferences & trainings which will provide up-to-date knowledge and overview of the most important trends and standards in the chosen field.

IBMAR has established itself as a true innovator and leader in Corporate Events by Encouraging, Inspiring, Motivating, Leading, Empowering & Educating the Business Executives.